5 Tips For Planning A Last Minute Event

5 Tips For Planning A Last Minute Event

Planning an event can take some serious effort—so what are you to do if you’re short on time? When planning a last minute event, it’s important to get all those critical, little details in place, without letting the anxiety get to you. What’s more, the sense of urgency can actually motivate you to act faster, securing those final touches. Here are 5 tips for planning an event at the last minute.

Skip The Save The Dates

If it’s a last minute event, you’ll want to skip the save the dates and head straight to the main invites, to guarantee that your guests will be able to attend on such short notice. And, you’ll also want to forgo the customized printed cards, as it will take time to order and ship out. Instead, send out a cute e-vite that can reach your guests immediately, so they can easily reply and share in your special occasion.

Have A Theme

When it comes to throwing a party, it can seem as though there are décor elements and fine details all over the place, and often these distinct pieces don’t necessarily come together as well as you’d imagine. So, to avoid the complications, pick a theme for an event and only select items that fit within that field. For instance, if you want to use a color as a theme, make sure all the décor elements, floral displays, and foods revolve around that hue.

Have Some Sort Of Surprise Factor

When you’re planning a last minute event, there’s bound to be some details that you just simply can’t get in time. To make up for this, create some wow factor that’s a sheer surprise to guests and will amplify the event experience. This could be some form of entertainment, a champagne tower or chocolate station, or a fun photo booth. Anything that brings a little something extra will go a long way.

Book Your Venue Stat

Before planning the floral display, appetizers, and music, securing a venue for an event is key, as many places’ calendars will fill up fast, especially if your event is taking place during a busy season. So, to guarantee a spot, reach out immediately and consider picking a date on an off day, such as a Sunday (instead of a Saturday), or a weeknight. Or, you can throw the event during the day, as opposed to the evening.

Make The “Day Of” Easier

The day of the event, are you getting hair, makeup, and nails done? Will your outfit of choice need tailor work leading up to the big day? No matter how fancy the event, some people prefer to get dolled up, in an attempt to make the day smoother and more enjoyable. If you’re looking for some self-care, researching those services ahead of time is way more important than you think, as salons and stylists can book up.

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