5 Things to Consider when Planning a Holiday Party

5 Things to Consider when Planning Your Holiday Party | Viper Alley

The holidays are a festive time of year, filled with gifts, decorating, food, and time with family and friends. There is a wide range of different types of celebrations during this time, including parties for work, family gatherings, religious festivities, and more. These gatherings and parties are fun ways to celebrate the holidays together with family and friends. 

With all of the different things to consider when planning a holiday party, it’s hard to know what to prioritize or where to start. It can be difficult to come up with unique holiday party ideas. Whether you are hosting your gathering in the office or renting a venue this year, you can make this a memorable holiday party. Here’s a useful guide to make sure your celebration is a success, and help make sure you won’t forget any important details.

Holiday Party Catering 

Most guests expect to be fed when they attend a holiday party and food always helps create a festive mood for any celebration. Finding a caterer can be tricky sometimes. You’ll want to find a caterer that works well with your venue and is dedicated to helping you with your catering needs. You’ll also want to talk with caterers about their menu and service options, like what types of foods they offer and how they serve their food. A lot of venues have an on-site chef that can create a unique menu from your suggestions. This is another great way to put your special touch on your party.

When you talk with your caterer, you can decide between a buffet of various dishes or a display of appetizers, depending on your party’s needs. Appetizers and small treats can offer tasty and flavorful options for guests to munch on during a party. With so many decisions to make, you’ll want to discuss what types of party appetizers or dishes you’d like to serve at your holiday party with your caterer

Theme and decorations

A creative theme with dazzling decorations can help spice up any holiday party. Your party’s theme can be a creative one like a holiday movie marathon theme or a masquerade ball theme. After you’ve selected a theme that matches your party’s purpose, you can start choosing decorations. 

Decorations can transform a room into another world. Talk with your event planner to hear their ideas and suggestions about decorations. They might suggest experimenting with balloons, streamers, confetti, colored table cloths, and table centerpieces to get the look you want for your party. Your event planner could even suggest collaborating with your caterer to have the food match the theme, like colored cupcakes or drinks. 

If you choose a Christmas themed party, you can use green and red colors to decorate. You could even tell guests to wear ugly Christmas sweaters and give a prize to the guest with the ugliest sweater. 

Holiday inspired music

An upbeat music selection can create a fun atmosphere for your celebration. If you choose to have live music at your event, then you can hire a band or a DJ to provide entertainment. Even if you don’t have live music or a DJ, playing music is still a great idea. You can choose to create a holiday playlist that matches your theme or one that is cheery and helps people get into a good mood for the party. 

Research holiday playlists on Spotify or other music sharing apps and websites. Make sure that the playlist is long enough to last the length of the entire party. You may also want to make sure the playlist matches the ambiance and mood of your party. 

Seasonal drinks

One fun holiday party idea to consider is seasonal drinks. Seasonal drinks are fun to serve during the holidays, especially at a gathering. Think about seasonal beer, spiced hot drinks, and apple cinnamon-infused drinks. You can even serve classic seasonal drinks with a twist, like boozy egg-nog or spiced Mexican hot chocolate. 

When deciding on a venue, you’ll want to ask if the venue has a bar to serve drinks. If a venue has a bar, it’ll make serving your holiday drinks much easier. 

Gift Bags

You can keep the memory of your holiday party fresh in your guests’ minds by sending them home with a gift bag. You can even incorporate the theme of the party into the favors you give out.

If you want to send people home with something sweet, you could include candy canes, chocolate truffles, or other candies. You could also give your guests Christmas or Hanukkah themed gifts.

For corporate holiday parties, you can give people gimmicks to put on their desks. If it’s a New Year’s Eve party, think about purchasing noisemakers or ‘Happy New Year’ hats for attendees to use and wear during the party, and then take home when the night is over. 

As you begin planning your holiday party, remember to think about these ideas and components. Selecting the right caterer for your party can help the planning process go more smoothly and help your guests have an enjoyable time. A creative theme and striking decorations can help transform a regular holiday party into a novel one. Holiday inspired music and seasonal drinks can help your party have a festive atmosphere. Lastly, don’t forget to give your guests something they can take home to remember the fun night they’ve had. 

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