5 Retirement Party Ideas for 2019

5 Retirement Party Ideas for 2019 | Viper Alley

If you’re planning an event for someone who is retiring, firstly – congratulations! You’ll need to celebrate them well. They’ve worked incredibly hard and now’s the time to boast of their accomplishments and help them start their next chapter.

When planning a retirement party for a friend, colleague or family member, you’ll want to do something that works well for the crowd, speaks to the guest of honor’s personality, and focuses on celebrating their accomplishments and future aspirations for a memorable experience. Here are a few party ideas to get you started.

Create a Bucket List Box

Create a bucket list box that all guests, including the guest of honor, can participate in, sharing fun things to do in this next stage of life. This way, they can be read out loud and kept as ideas for the future. Perhaps someone wants to spend a few weeks in Italy, or maybe they want to go dine in world renowned restaurants. Have the guest of honor read everyone’s ideas during the party to share stories and keep everyone actively involved.

Create a Slideshow of Their Accomplishments

Showcase your guest of honor’s favorite snippets from their life’s journey so far, between work, social engagements, and more, all to look back on big, proud moments in their life. Ask them for photos, but also ask around to guests to send you ahead of time for the slideshow. Create a fun slideshow and project it on a big screen so everyone can share in the memories. You can also stand up and speak, as a way to praise them for their hard work throughout the years.

A Good Old Roast

Roast the guest of honor—playfully of course! Come up with witty remarks about their job incidents, their silly habits, and really just who they are, as you’ve come to know them as a person, co-worker, and/or friend throughout the years. Keep it light and silly—no offending them here! There should be boundaries. Tell guests ahead of time so they can prepare as well.

Have an Autograph Book

Leave an autograph book on a table for guests to sign, jotting down their favorite memories, kind words, and good wishes for the future. This way, the party will be even more memorable down the road for the guest of honor, who can keep the book afterwards, and the guests will feel as though they’re more active participants in this very special day.

Do Karaoke

Belt it out with karaoke—you can create a playlist schedule that represents retirement, and yes, most people in the room will know the words and can sing along! A few examples might be “Young at Heart” by Doris Day and Frank Sinatra, “When I am 64” by the Beatles, and “Another One Bites the Dust,” by Queen.

Remember, they only retire once, so make it a great party to celebrate the successes they’ve had in their lifetime and the ones they’ll continue to have in the future.

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