5 Reasons To Host An Indoor Event In The Summer

After months of cold temperatures and snow, it’s needless to say that once summer arrives, Chicagoans can’t get enough of being outdoors. Chicago summers are beautiful: abundant in sunshine and smiling faces. However, too much sun exposure can also have its drawbacks. Planning an indoor event in the summer has many advantages, and here we name a few.

Time To Cool Off

Being outdoors in the pounding heat can be draining, and so it’s nice to take a break and grab some A/C. Summer temperatures can make us drowsy and put us at risk of dehydration and lightheadedness. A heat stroke can be incredibly dangerous, and an indoor event will keep you safe and equipped with energy to partake in the fun activities.

5 Reasons To Host An Indoor Event In The SummerFind Better Deals

Many venues often offer discounts for indoor events during the summer season, as many people are inclined to host outdoor gatherings. By requesting an indoor event, you can save a lot of money. You can also expand the guest list, as the savings in venue price might make room for additional invitations. Fun activities include: bowling, picnics, performances, and corporate team-building events.

Keep Your Skin Safe

An outdoor party opens the door for sunburns, which can be painful and will put you at risk of skin cancer. If the event involves physical activity, the sweat you perspire will lower your skin’s ability to protect itself from UV rays even further! By stepping inside, you don’t need to worry about reapplying sunscreen and can solely focus on having a great time.

Forget The Bees

Eating outdoors can bring unwelcomed guests, such as bees and spiders. By setting up an indoor picnic, BBQ or afternoon tea, you can enjoy your food and lively conversations without the worry. The sun’s heat can also spoil food: ice cream melts in seconds, hot dog buns become soggy, mayonnaise becomes questionnable and warm beers can kill a buzz. The A/C will keep your food nice and cool and allow you to mingle with guests, rather devouring your plate in fear of sun damage.

Free From Weather Woes

Don’t let the weatherman dictate how you spend your day—with an indoor venue, the party can still go on, rain or shine. Rain during the summertime can be unpredictable, and a few sprinkles can definitely ruin an outdoor game of volleyball or a picnic in the park. By opting for an indoor venue, you won’t need to monitor that weather app or reschedule last minute. Play it safe, and you won’t be sorry!

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