5 Exciting Activities For A Weekday Event

Events shouldn’t be held solely to Friday and Saturday nights, as there are plenty of other days of the week that make for a prime, nighttime get-together. A weekday event brings about a new energy—one that exudes the typical, cooped-up-at-work restlessness and a need for a drink, a few good laughs, and social company to power through the remainder of the week.

Furthermore, there are incredible benefits to hosting an event during the week, such as higher attendance rates, more options for venues, and better prices for value. Fridays and Saturdays are competitive, as people often have to choose between several invitations, and the vendors are less likely to negotiate on price and flexibility. Are you sold yet? Here are 5 great ideas for your next weekday event.

  1. Sing Out Loud

Make some noise mid-week with a playful competition of “The Voice,” amateur style. Whether you’re belting out Britney Spears or a romantic ballad, release your inhibitions with karaoke and recharge for the rest of the workweek. Did your boss give you a mountain of work? Sing out that rage and frustration! Did you just find your sole-mate? Share the love with the crowd! Karaoke is the perfect way to reduce work stress and responsibilities for a couple of hours.

  1. Enjoy A Tasting

Planning a food and alcoholic beverage tasting pleasures both the taste buds and the psyche, as a much-needed hiatus within the mundane work schedule. Instead of a typical “happy hour” after work, plan an event to titillate the senses and encourage a crowd to get together over good food, drinks, education, and laughter. You can opt for a wine, beer, tequila, or whisky tasting, and pair with sumptuous bites to complement the flavors.

  1. Go Bowling

Bowling Lanes - Viper Alley (1)

Round up a team and get the ball rolling with a little friendly competition. Bowling can be fun and casual, and it usually comes with delicious eats, such as fries, burgers, chicken tenders and beer. Instead of an average upscale Friday or Saturday night gala, a laidback bowling game can be just the fit for a way to unwind mid-week and mingle with friends and co-workers. It’s also a great idea for a corporate, team-building event!

  1. Get Cooking

5 Exciting Activities For A Weekday Event | Viper AlleyGet to work with a hands-on cooking class, where you can create an innovative recipe, learn basic techniques and share in the experience with skilled chefs and hungry friends and co-workers. Themes might include a mozzarella-making class, an “Italian Dinner Night,” a “Taste of the Mediterranean,” or a pastry-making class. Regardless of the theme, guests will learn some new cooking techniques and enjoy a delicious meal.

  1. Hire A Guest Speaker

Do your research and find a speaker who is in demand and ready to offer valuable advice and stories to further a cause or create business opportunity. The weekday is ideal for organizing a lecture or educational event, where businesses can actively learn, engage, and network mid-week as a means to enhance their personal and company growth. Find a speaker that appeals to your target market’s interest, and complement the talk with some bites and a networking cocktail hour.

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