5 Awesome Themes For Your Next Holiday Party

Masquerade Ball | Holiday Party | Viper AlleyHoliday parties represent joy and community, as it’s a time for people to gather and share in memorable experiences that represent the merry season. No matter religion or cause, the holidays are a time to bring people together in high spirits and cheerful celebration.

Thus, choosing an awesome holiday party theme could “wow” guests with thrilling entertainment and party features. Here are five memorable themes to keep your party going all night long and leave a lasting impression on your guests. They’ll be begging for an invite to your next event!

  1. Masquerade Ball

It’s time to pick out your most mysteriously elegant mask and don yourself with purple and gold hues in your swankiest formal attire. Masquerade balls are extravagant and thrilling, which is perfect for a holiday bash. The “private” aspect of the event is exciting, and there’s ample opportunity to include games, champagne cocktails, classical music performances, and traditional dancing opportunities.

  1. Beachy Bonanza

Signature items, such as eggnog, hot cocoa, pumpkin spice everything and lasagna, among other heavier dishes, are something to look forward to each holiday season. However, take a day off from these staples to bring back a little sand and sunshine to the abrasive, cold weather. Whether you’re planning an event for fall’s chilly breeze or are in the depths of the frigid winter season, nostalgia for summer is common. Guests will love the opportunity to deck out in beachwear and sip daiquiris, while dancing to upbeat, summer tunes.

  1. Holiday Movie Marathon

Dress up as your favorite holiday movie characters to embody the sentiments of the glorious, happy season. Have some fun with the roles—it’s okay to look spirited and silly! Whether you want to dress as “Bad Santa,” Buddy from “Elf,” or Davey Stone in “Eight Crazy Nights,” you’ll be sure to impress guests with your uncanny resemblances and enthusiasm for the holiday season.

  1. Ski Cabin Hideaway

Picture it: warming your body against a cozy fireplace, roasting s’mores and sipping spiked cider, snugging under flannel blankets with friends and family nearby. It just sounds idyllic for a secluded, quaint getaway that will ease holiday stress and allow everyone to find common ground and solace. Rather than blasting loud DJ music, opt for more soothing beats, where guests can celebrate the holidays in an intimate setting. If you are looking to build deeper connections with co-workers or are celebrating the holidays with loved ones, this atmosphere and theme could be just perfect.

  1. Circus

Setting up a circus themed holiday party offers vast entertainment and interactive opportunities for guests. While bringing an elephant and acrobatic act might seem challenging, there are other ways to bring a bit of circus craziness to an event space. A clown, cartoonist, caricaturist and acrobatic yoga act can engage participants to join in one the fun, while DIY popcorn blends and cotton candy cones can be both tasty and playful. Let your inner child come through with a circus themed holiday party, and have fun celebrating the holiday season with your friends, co-workers or relatives.

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