4 Ways to Personalize Your Event Venue

4 Ways to Personalize Your Event Venue | Viper Alley

When it comes to planning an event, choosing the venue is the first step. From there, it’s all about the little details that go into personalizing your space—the theme, dining, entertainment, and décor.

The venue is your playground, where you can let your imagination wander and create a unique experience that tailors to your preferences. Here are a few ways to make your next event creative and special.

Play with Colors

Choosing a theme around colors can make an event space look sophisticated and modern. Perhaps you go with metallic—gold and silver plates and silverware, cake design, and fabrics. Or, you decide to pick two shades, such as ivory and lavender. Integrate those two colors into the small details around the room—the flowers, centerpieces, napkins, and more.

Have a Greetings Book

You’ll want to keep track of who came in attendance. If it’s a wedding, a sign-in book is a great way for guests to congratulate you and share in the memories forever. If it’s a charity event, you can use that book to re-connect after the event, through “Thank You” notes and email reminders about future events. It also makes your event stand out, as guests can connect with you personally through an indelible note of appreciation.

Have Entertainment Give a Special Shout Out

If you’re choosing a DJ, comedian, band, or speaker for entertainment, ask for something unique and special, just for your event. If it’s a birthday party or wedding, perhaps you might request a special song or dance performance that features the guest or guests of honor. If it’s for a corporate event, see if they can create a joke or write new lyrics to a song that plays off of the office culture or industry you’re all in.

Provide Gift Bags

Don’t let guests leave without a gift, for sentimental value. The gift can be big or small. It can be something simple, like a classy notebook or journal with your initials or a company’s logo on the front, or it can be silly, like sweatpants for a Bar Mitzvah with the special man’s date and name on the pocket. Pick something that works well for your theme and type of event and that fits within your budget.

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