4 Ways to Match Your Groom’s Look to Your Wedding Style

4 Ways to Match Your Groom’s Look to Your Wedding Style

You’ve finally decided on a wedding theme, and you know exactly what you need to execute it perfectly. You know the exact style of dress you want, what the decorations will look like, and how to customize the wedding to make it uniquely yours. But have you considered what the groom will wear? Here are some of the most common wedding themes, and what your groom could wear to match them.

Traditional Wedding

Before we can start deviating from the norm, we need to first establish what the norm is, especially because it’s still one of the top wedding themes to date. A classic look for the groom is typically the goal for this theme, but the look also depends on how formal the wedding will be.

The groom should wear a tux if you’re going for a formal or semi-formal wedding, but only if the wedding is taking place after 6 p.m., as this attire is typically reserved for night events. If the wedding is taking place during the day, then search for a nice morning suit to communicate the formality of the event. Either way, these suits should be properly accessorized with bowties, vests, and shoes.

If the wedding is a little on the informal side, then a classic three-piece suit is always a safe bet. A blue suit is best: it’s most common for the groom to wear midnight blue, cobalt blue or solid blue.

Rustic Wedding

Rustic weddings are all the rage right now, and have more of a relaxed feel than a traditional wedding. Grooms reflect this by ditching the typical three-piece suit for a less formal outfit. Some choose earth tone suits, like browns, beiges, and tans, while others opt for a pop of color in their vest or shirt. One popular look is to get rid of the suit jacket completely, instead rocking just a vest or suspenders. Patterned bowties and stylish hats differentiate these grooms from traditional grooms as well, and allow them to show off their unique style.

Vintage Wedding

Because the term “vintage” is so broad, you have a lot of options to choose from. The most common trend is for the groom to wear gray, brown, beige, royal blue, or even a checkered pattern. Opt for older fabrics, like tweed or corduroy, to make it look as though the groom has just stepped out of an old photo.

Accessories are definitely needed to sell this look. Adding a nice top hat or pocket watch can take this look to the next level. Additionally, think about sporting a clean-shaven face in order to support the theme. If you do decide to go with a clean face, it’s important to use high-grade shaving products that get rid of every last hair. Top products will also reduce irritation and prevent unnecessary cuts and nicks. On your wedding day, people are going focus on your face, so be sure to take care of it properly!

Whimsical Wedding

Brightly colored suits and fun accessories make these grooms different from all the rest. Incorporate warmer colors into the suit – like pinks, yellows, reds – or choose a nice pastel in blue or purple. Also, think about choosing cool accessories, like funky-patterned socks or suspenders. This theme is usually more fun and light-hearted, so let the groom’s style match that feeling.

You’ve put a lot of time, effort, and planning into having your dream wedding. No matter what your theme is, make sure your groom chooses a style to match both the theme and his personality, so that he stands out for the right reasons.

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