4 Ways To Make Your Holiday Party A Success

4 Ways To Make Your Holiday Party A Success | Viper Alley

If you’re planning a holiday party, there are few ways to take that event up a notch and to make it more memorable. The holidays are a time for cheer and good company, so it’s the perfect setting to go all out in spirit and those little, festive details.

Think about the subtle ways to add more fun and surprise: whether that’s through dining options, décor, or giveaways at the end of the night. By adding in these special features, you can easily elevate the ambience and overall holiday party experience. Maybe you’ll be asked to host every year as a new tradition!

Embrace The Holiday Spirit

It’s the holidays, so let your party represent that enthusiasm! To really allow guests to feel the seasonal spirit, play up that holiday décor to set the mood and stay true to the theme. For instance, you can use Christmas trees, lights, candles, poinsettas, and Christmas music, or you can throw a Hanukkah bash with a latke bar, gelt-filled vases for centerpieces, and blue and gold ribbons abound.

Give Guests Something To Take Home

Keep the memory of your holiday party fresh in your guests’ minds by sending them home with a gift bag. Here, you can either fill bags with baked goods, chocolates, or candies, or you can purchase specific products related to your theme.

For instance, if you’re hosting a holiday party with your social network, perhaps food or little trinkets, like a festive wine opener, might be the right fit. Or, if it’s a holiday party for a corporate crowd, perhaps you can provide pens or notepads with your company’s insignia.

Leave Room For Dessert

Make sure to end your event on a sweet note, literally. No holiday event is complete without dessert, and there are so many seasonal goodies to choose from. Think: pies, holiday cookies, s’mores, donuts, and more. Plus, to really impress guests, set up a customizable dessert bar, where people can create their own sundaes or cookie bags.

Encourage Photo-Ops

You’ll want to capture all the excitement, so hiring a photographer or setting up a photo booth is a great way to make sure that guests are given photo opportunities. Not only will it make the party more fun, but it’ll also allow for greater memories, as guests can then relive the experience through imagery and social media. A tip? Emphasize playfulness by creating a holiday party theme, such as an “Ugly Sweater Party,” or provide a few props so guests can take silly shots and share in the fun and humor of the holidays.

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