4 Tips for Playing Music at Your Holiday Party

4 Tips for Playing Music at Your Holiday Party

It’s the most festive time of year, which means it’s also the season for holiday parties. Once you’ve already planned the bigger details for your party, like the venue and caterer, it’s now time to consider the smaller ones like creating the right atmosphere for your party. 

Music can create a lively and entertaining atmosphere for your holiday party. Whether your party is for your coworkers, family, or friends, your holiday music playlist is essential. The music you choose for your holiday music playlist needs to generate an inviting atmosphere for all guests, as well as an enjoyable and pleasant ambiance. Here’s a list of four tips you should consider when developing your 2019 holiday music playlist. 

Match your music to the theme

It’s important that your music appropriately matches the mood and theme of your party. If your celebration is family-oriented, then you’ll want to use music that is upbeat and cheerful, and you might also want to think about crafting a playlist that has age-appropriate songs for children. When your party is mainly attended by adults, you can build a playlist that is more serious and mature. Obviously, you’ll want to foster feelings of cheerfulness and lightheartedness at your party, but don’t forget to match your music to the theme as well. 

Research popular songs

There are obvious hits like Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” and Michael Buble’s “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas,” but sometimes it’s beneficial to research other popular songs. Plus, everybody loves to sing along to holiday classics. You may even find other songs that aren’t as well known but still bring the holiday spirit into the room, which is the most important role that your music plays. After you research other types of popular holiday songs, you’ll be able to design your ideal playlist.

Ask for suggestions

You can add a personal touch to your playlist by asking people who will attend your party for suggestions. This way, everyone can feel that their opinions are included and appreciated. It can also give your holiday gathering a personal touch since people were allowed to contribute their ideas for songs. Asking for suggestions will allow your holiday music playlist to feel even more unique and individual to those at your party.

Use a variety of songs

Think about adding a variety of songs to your music, including fast, slow, upbeat, somber, or instrumental songs to your list. It helps if you know what types of music your guests like, for example, some people might prefer country to pop music. Using an assortment of songs will help everyone feel appreciated. If there is dancing at your party, you’ll probably want to have more upbeat songs on your playlist, to keep people out on the dance floor all night long. Different types of songs can provide ways for people to enjoy your party’s atmosphere and as a result, people may choose to stay longer.

When you are starting to plan your holiday party, it’s vital to spend some time selecting 2019 holiday music for your playlist. Although some people may not want to devote any time to pick out songs, it can drastically improve a party’s ambiance. To make your holiday party a success, consider applying these four tips to your playlist: match your music to the theme, research popular songs, ask for suggestions, and use a variety of songs. These four tips will improve your holiday music selection and create a bright and cheery holiday gathering. 

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