4 Tips for Newly Engaged Couples

4 Tips for Newly Engaged Couples | Viper Alley

If you’re newly engaged, first off—congrats! Secondly, it’s time to start planning that wedding, as it’ll creep up on you sooner than you’d expect. There are several details that go into planning your special day, and you’ll want to secure everything in advance to make sure it’s aligned with your vision.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when beginning the wedding planning process, so you can enjoy your pre-wedding excitement stress-free.

Find Your Venue

Figure out which type of venue you’re imagining for the special occasion and lock down a date ASAP. Remember—you’re not the only newly engaged couple out there looking for a solid, desirable venue. And, if it’s during prime wedding season, you’ll want to beat out the competition. Narrow it down based on your wedding theme and inquire about possible dates right away. 

Consider an “Off” Day

That being said, since there’s great competition, consider hosting your wedding on an off day, such as a Friday or Sunday evening instead of a Saturday night. Saturday is most popular, and those dates and venue options can fill up fast. What’s more, you may even secure a better deal if you choose a less “desirable” day or time of the week.

Send Out Invites Fast

Don’t wait too long to send out save the dates. Your guests might end up having other plans if you don’t provide enough notice—especially if it’s over a holiday weekend, as many people book vacations or have other weddings to go to. Choose an e-vite or send save the dates in the mail right away. You should also have a back-up list of guests ready, so if some from the first round RSVP “no,” you can send out invites elsewhere.

Pick a Theme

Your theme dictates most details of your wedding—the flowers, the food and dining options (buffet or formal seating, for instance), the entertainment, the colors, and more. You can’t really plan without a vision in mind, so discuss that early on as a newly engaged couple and start planning from there!

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