4 Ideas For Throwing an Adult Birthday Party

4 Ideas For Throwing an Adult Birthday Party

We all remember what birthday parties were like as kids. There were balloons, a themed cake (Disney perhaps?), boxes of gifts, and tons of people in attendance from your grade in school. However, we all grow up and those big parties tend to disappear, and we become more low-key in how we celebrate and with a smaller group of people.

Yet it’s really fun to throw a party as an adult where you get a chance to feel like a kid again! If you need some help getting in touch with your younger self’s imagination, here are a couple of options that’ll make for an amazing party.

Make Milestone Birthdays a Surprise

If someone you love is turning 30, 40, 50, 60 or 80, for example, they are about to begin a new chapter in their life, and such big birthdays should be celebrated properly. And it’s even more exciting when their close friends and family create a bash in their honor that’ll incorporate some of their favorite things, like food, activities, and music to really embrace the momentous occasion.

Consider planning a surprise party for someone special to you—they’ll have a lot of fun and it can be fun too. And consider hiring a photographer or getting a photo booth to capture the special moments, where you can create a photo album for the guest of honor to have forever.

Go Bowling

If you ever had a bowling birthday party as a kid (and you probably have!), you remember how fun they can be. Except this time, you’re of age and can enjoy some craft beers and cocktails to go with those wings and fries! Round up your crew and get a little competitive as you hit the lanes and give it your best shot.

Plan a Karaoke Night

Karaoke is an awesome idea for an adult birthday party because it’s really enjoyable to step outside your comfort zone and have some fun—especially when some booze is involved, right? There are some venues you can book that offer karaoke or even Live Band Karaoke, so you won’t need to worry about finding a room or getting thrown out by an incoming party.

Try a Cooking or Mixology Class

Knowing how to cook or make a mean cocktail is a pretty great skill to have as an adult, so why not gather your friends and family for a cooking class or mixology lesson altogether? You can learn how to create a new dish, like roasted duck or paella, and just get the basics down, too. For a cocktail class, you might finally learn how to make the perfect Manhattan or Negroni. Another option is to do a wine tasting event with a sommelier, as well.

You can’t go wrong with any of these adult birthday party ideas, all of which will give you some laughs and quality time with the people you care about. No matter your age, it’s worth hosting a celebration with great company.

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