4 Engagement Party Ideas

4 Engagement Party Ideas | Viper Alley

If you’re planning an engagement party, first off, congrats! That is such an incredible moment in your life, and it should be savored. Everyone involved can be so excited, and to make the occasion even more memorable, a proper engagement party can help savor the excitement and bring everyone together.

Yet it can be hard to plan such a special event without the right tools and tips. If you’re looking to plan your engagement party, use these tips for making it amazing and impressive.

Make it Colorful

Big, bold colors are totally in for 2019, so pick a color or two and use it in the décor throughout the space. For instance, if you choose blue, you can go with various hues, ranging from light to dark blue, and integrate those into the invitations, the centerpieces, the napkins, the lights, and maybe even food. Blue frosting on the cake is fun and still tastes great! This is a super subtle theme but ties an engagement party together really nicely.

Do Karaoke

If you’re looking to involve an activity in your engagement party, try karaoke. Of course you can still have people give speeches, but playing a few songs and dancing to everyone’s numbers is really fun and unexpected as an engagement party. It’ll definitely set everything on a high note, where people will feel even more eager for the main event to come. (The wedding!)

Go Bowling

Another activity, bowling is really enjoyable and appeals to all different ages and crowds. For an engagement party, round up everyone into teams based on the bride and groom’s friends or mix everyone together. This is especially helpful for those in the bridal party, where they can bond earlier on and familiarize themselves with one another, as they’ll be spending some quality time together as the wedding approaches.

Make it a Major Foodie Event

Bride and groom love food? Have a culinary engagement party! You can offer mixology or wine tasting lessons from a sommelier and have different food stations set up around where people can customize their favorite food creations. You can have a s’mores bar, make your own taco bar, grilled cheese or hot dog stations, and more. Bringing in customization and participatory educational activities can be a great way to celebrate the newlyweds!

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