4 Creative Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

4 Creative Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits | Viper Alley

If you’re currently planning a fundraiser, you’ve probably been busy brainstorming creative ideas that will help your nonprofit generate the most money and get people excited about your cause. You’re likely deciding on the venue, catering, decorations, invitations, and entertainment. It can be difficult to come up with original ideas for your fundraiser, especially if you want your event to be one-of-a-kind.

Before you decide anything, it’s important that you do your research so that your event can be exceptional. Research ways to make your event amusing and unique, so that guests will be able to enjoy themselves while donating money to your nonprofit. Here are 4 creative fundraising ideas for you to try at your next nonprofit event.

Host an auction

Nothing pumps up a crowd better than an old-fashioned auction. Auctions bring out the competitiveness in people, while also giving guests the opportunity to take something home with them. There are many different categories of auctions to choose from, from silent to live. Figure out how many people are attending your fundraiser, and then choose which type of auction you wish to have. 

After you’ve decided what kind of auction you prefer, select what types of items people can bid on. Auctions can include a wide variety of things, from higher-priced items like vacations, golf lessons, and cruises, to lower-priced items like gift cards, concert or sporting event tickets, gift baskets, home decor, and kitchen appliances. Think about what your audience would most like to spend money on at an auction and then select items accordingly.

Incorporate food and drink

Most people who plan fundraisers incorporate food and drink into their event. Delicious dishes and tasty drinks will make your event more enjoyable, which means guests will leave your event feeling full and satisfied. 

Some fundraisers even incorporate food or drink related themes and activities, like a dessert auction. A few fun drink-related themes include a wine and cheese party or a happy hour party. Many fundraisers serve a main meal, such as dinner, at their event. Another option is to offer an open bar where people can make customized drinks. Talk with your caterer about any food or drink preferences that you may have for your fundraiser.

Present a raffle

Raffles can provide an exciting diversion at a fundraiser. Generally, raffles are great ways to raise money and they also, like auctions, give people the chance to win big and take something home with them. Hosting a raffle at an event can help everyone feel included since anyone can participate. It can also energize a crowd when you announce the winners, creating a lively atmosphere at your event.

There are different types of raffle prizes, varying from baskets to gift certificates. Raffles supply an exhilarating way to raise money at a fundraiser while also giving people the opportunity to win big.

Provide entertainment

If you want to have an animated atmosphere at your fundraiser, plan to provide some form of entertainment. There are many types of entertainment to consider, such as live music, performers, and bowling. Any of these ideas can make a fundraiser feel more like a party, and create the perfect ambiance for your event. Your guests will feel compelled to donate to your cause and enjoy themselves, if you entertain them at your event.

Some other new ideas for providing entertainment include a talent show or concert. If live entertainment isn’t your ideal choice, then you could have guests play games, like trivia. Another creative concept involves playing poker at a casino-themed fundraiser. Providing interesting entertainment can also boost guest attendance at your fundraiser.

Planning a fundraiser

Planning a fundraiser is a lot of hard work, but it pays off immensely if you raise enough money to hit your donation goals. These 4 ideas can help skyrocket your event into an extraordinary fundraiserone with exciting auctions and raffles, tasty food and drink, and captivating entertainment. Once you’ve decided which of these ideas you’ll use, discuss with event professionals about how to make them come to life. 

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